Tuesday, March 6, 2012

There be a Philadelphian Among the Walking Dead

Television’s mega-popular show about the zombie apocalypse, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has claimed one of our own.  It’s true!  There on the outskirts of Atlanta, at the farm where Rick and his group have holed up for season two is where you’ll find Maggie Green; oldest daughter of Herschel and would be girlfriend of Glen.  Better known to the masses as actress Lauren Cohan when she isn’t running from the undead, she was born right here Philly, PA and raised during her childhood in nearby Cherry Hill, NJ.

For reasons unknown to me, her family took her away from our fair city and moved her to the United Kingdom where she eventually graduated from the University of Winchester/ King Alfred’s College, studying Drama and taking part in theater.  In doing a minute amount of internet studying (MORE than just looking on Wikipedia – ahem) on our subject I discovered that Lauren speaks with an English accent, which couldn’t be more comical considering that's like polar opposite to a Philly accent.  

Though I’m pretty sure things have since changed now that Lauren resides on a cable rating’s juggernaut, she splits her time between both countries  living and working in both London and Los Angeles.  My heart breaks that she never seems to come “home” to visit us even for a weekend during convention season. I mean, c'mon! There are plenty of comic cons and horror cons that showcase "Walking Dead reunions" as part of their draw. It'd be pretty cool to wish a fellow native well...especially on a show that I love myself.

I don't read the comic book - which comes out monthly from Image Comics via the creative mind of writer/co-creator Robert Kirkman - so I don't know if our home-girl is going to die soon or become a zombie or whatever.  If interested, one could read up on Wikipedia about the comic book and the direction her character takes, but there are no definites since the show isn't an out-and-out adaptation.  Hopefully our Philly gal will remain on the show for the long haul but since she has also had parts on shows like "Supernatural" and "Chuck," it is a safe bet that this local beauty will pop up again real soon.

Check her our on AMC's "The Walking Dead" Sundays at 9 p.m. eastern!


 Doesn't quite look like the same gal from television does it?  I've got to say that even I was surprised once I looked her up on the web.  Lauren really epitomizes the southern belle on "Walking Dead" but here in the slightly more real world of Hollywood she is quite the looker.  *sighs* If only she would be more outward bound in her acknowledging she was from our city. Perhaps she could help us with this problem we've been having for a few years now. Oh, I know that link is a little old, but I swear I've read those same crappy sentiments about us more recently than that!

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