Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bruce Springsteen tickets will get you a preview of the Xfinity Live! complex

Tis true!

If you are a ticket-holder to the March 28th and 29th concerts for "The Boss" you'll be treated to exclusive access to the new Xfinity Live! complex simply by flashing  your tickets at the entrance after 4 p.m..  Set to have their grand opening on March 30th, Xfinity Live! will house eateries such as the Spectrum Grill, Victory Beer Hall, Broad Street Bullies Pub, PBR Bar and Grill and the country's first NBC Sports Arena.  Not to be left out and situated an area designed the "Philly Market Place" will be a Chickie's and Pete's (roughly a mile away from the giant one on Packer Avenue), Nick's Roast Beef and the Original Philadelphia Cheesesteak Co. with more to come.  

I've got to say that while many of those places are awesome sounding, I've never in my life heard of that place making cheesesteaks and with an establishment of this size in South Philly, I'm left to wonder why I'd purchase one from them when there are dozens of other (and more home made) versions available minutes away.  Not to be the whiner here but to have a Chickie's in the complex seems pretty redundant considering their largest establishment is only a walk away and their products are featured in all three sports complexes.  I think that Pete may be locally competing with Starbucks for the most locations. I honestly love the place and hope that they don't lose that feeling that made them so special before they had so many locations.  You can always find me at Packer Avenue's long bar just below the giant HD screen.

But back to the point at the beginning.  Take advantage of this opportunity, Springsteen fans.  Check out the place and let the world know your thoughts a day or two in advance of the grand opening because moments like this don't come along all that often.  Xfinity Live! is primed to be one of THE places to dine and watch your favorite sport teams if you aren't at the games themselves and this offer wasn't being hyped all over the place so I'm guessing they don't want every single ticket-holder walking through their doors.  So feel cool and be the first kid on your block to check it out.  Unfortunately I won't be among the few and the proud since I don't have tickets to the concert, but I'll be there the night of the opening since it is a 10-minute walk from my home.

Also of note is that a Mitchell & Ness will be opening up a 700 square-foot retail shop that utilizes original parts of the demolished Spectrum. I'll be hyped to see how they've used the hardwood from the basketball court as well as the hockey dasher boards.

For those who don't know, Mitchell & Ness make some of the best sportswear/fan gear in the country and I've been a customer of the brand literally all my life.  They make great high-end jerseys as well as awesome retro t-shirts, and scarves and hats and all that other good stuff! 

Though I'll never need it since I live in the area, parking for the complex will be free only on NON-EVENT days and if you're showing up 1-hour after the latest event has began. After that, parking fees during all other times will be set by the event being held at the Sports Complex.

See ya there...eventually!

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