Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Harry

Believe it or not, three years have passed since we've last heard "The Voice" here Philadelphia. Had he still been alive and well, Harry Kalas would have been 76 years old yesterday (March 26th).

I thought I should just call a little attention to that, nothing grandiose.  But I'm sure that my friends and fellow Philadelphians will instantly hear his voice in their heads now that I've pointed this out.

 What better way to remember the man on his special day than to think of his most special of talents?  Take a second and think of your favorite Kalas moment. Wikipedia even listed some of his more memorable calls, just in case you'd like a refresher. Check out YouTube and hear the man himself.

But whatever you do...take a second and remember Harry Kalas.  I know it won't be hard.  Raise up a Gin and Tonic (his favorite) and wish the man a happiest of birthdays.

We all miss ya buddy!

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