Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sights & Delights from last week's Rittenhouse Row Festival

In my previous blog I made mention of the once-a-year Rittenhouse Row festival as something to do during the weekend, with my own personal plans to drop on in and have some fun.  Along with a friend, we hit the party right after it had began and it was a really great time, chock full of incredible eats on a gorgeous Philly day.  If you couldn't make it, be sure to bookmark the Rittenhouse Row site for information on when next year's festival will occur.  that being said, take a gander (with small narration) at what was happening and what I consumed.

I knew in advance that the Oyster House was offering up their signature Lobster Roll at a discounted price from their normal in-restaurant menu and their tent had been my first desired destination.  We arrived only 20 minutes into the festival and upon arrival were informed they'd already sold out of their first batch!  It was only a few minutes wait until more lovely lobster arrived and served to just reinforce that I'd made the right choice in where to stop and eat first.
I think you'll agree simply from these shots, that their Lobster Roll looks incredible!  I assure you, it tasted EVERY BIT as heavenly as it looks.

Captain Morgan made an appearance flanked by some of his "serving wenches" who were all out and about hyping the company's newest rum, "Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum."  Higher in proof and more potent in the flavor department, the new offering has already won over folks who though the Captain was nothing more than a college frat mate.  At their tent, I got to taste it in three separate mini-shots and by far the most memorable one was Black with pineapple juice.  Outstanding!  I've currently got a bottle of Morgan's "Private Stock" in my bar area but will certainly try out a bottle of Black myself one it has run its course.

Crowds were starting to pick up and I began to believe this festival would attract the tens of thousands expected.  The sun was out and the sky was naturally my buddy Brandon and I had to stop for a beer (not shown). Hmm....Seuessian blogging? After downing a Peroni outside of Rouge we began again making our way around the food tour. Next stop was a tent for the soon-to-be-opening at 20th and Sansom "Shake Shack."  I've been hearing about this place for ages.  A place that is so popular up in New York that their website has video cameras on it so that you can see how long the line is and debate whether or not you can make it in and out on your lunch break.  Well, I can readily admit that, at least with the offering they had on this day, I'll be in attendance at their cozy-looking eatery the week they open.  There was such flavor to their "Oatmeal Creme Pie" custard. It was so so smooth and rich...and I'm not a custard eater by any means.  I can't wait to see what other flavors and how many their joint will offer.

What would an outdoor festival be without flaming meats?  Whether it was sliders from Village Whiskey or a host of other offerings like Kobe beef hotdogs, our carnivore heart's desire was out in full force.  Between the image here and my talking about the ridiculous burgers of Village Whiskey, Brandon needed to get one before we headed off the beaten path.  I won't show the photo of his unadulterated enjoyment, but I do remember him telling me their slider was one of the best burgers he has ever eaten.  If you're a fan of burgers and have yet to hit Village Whiskey you are seriously missing out.  I'd always recommend the Whiskey King, but for those not as daring, build your own and you'll do just fine there.

For me, the last stop was the tent for Square 1682.  I was of the understanding that there was pork to be had and I certainly wasn't missing out.  Their unbelievably sophisticated sammich was as follows: pork confit, Vietnamese caramel, carrots, daikon radish, cilantro and jalapeno aioli served on a steamed bun. I think I just "OMG'd" again! I could eat this every day for lunch and twice on Sundays and there are two veggies on this that I'd usually NEVER partake of!  The pork confit...that light as air and slightly sweet steamed bun...*sighs*

Can we truly fall in love with food? The easy answer is YES and this festival is one of the main reasons. Philly has so much food to offer up. If you missed Rittenhouse Row's festival try and make some of the others that happen across the city during the summer, you just can't go wrong.  Great times!

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