Friday, May 18, 2012

Looking for something to do this weekend?

Looks like there is a ton of stuff going on this weekend in Philly and I thought that I'd drop a suggestion or few on what I thought were some of the more interesting activities and such.  So with little to no hoopla, here you go:


If you're in the area of Pub and Kitchen at 4:00 p.m., the excellent gastro-pub will be giving away 400 Churchill sliders in support of Philadelphia Magazine's "Best of Philly" burger showdown during their happy hour.  If you've never been to P&K or have and just haven't ordered their signature Churchill burger, then this is  your chance to find out what you've been missing!  I've eaten there a few times and just cannot resist ordering that baby most of the times I've visited the establishment and it certainly has my vote for being one of the top three burgers in this city...and yes, a burger blog entry is coming in the future!

Photo lifted for promo purposes from P&K!

(quick aside:  if you'd like to vote for YOUR Philly favorites, feel free to CLICK HERE and you'll be taken to Philadelphia Magazine's ballot)


Phillies fans unite! This weekend the Boston Red Sox come to town for the beginning of inter-league play.  While our Phillies haven't been burning up the standings (though currently on a 4-game winning streak), the BoSox haven't been much better as BOTH teams currently sit in last place in their respective divisions.

Whether you hit StubHub or buy some last minute standing room only tickets at Citizen's Bank Park or go hang across the street at Xfinity Live, it is sure to be one hell of a party down at the sports complex!


Also running all weekend (and into October, actually) is the world debut exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Franklin Institute.  Calculated to be 2,000 years old, these precious, priceless religious documents are some of the most legendary and mystical documents known to man...and it is genuinely cool that the city gets to display twenty of them; four of which have never been on public display before!  Click RIGHT HERE for more info and ticket information.


 In Center City from noon-5:00 p.m. you'll find the annual Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival. Taking place on Walnut Street from Broad down to 19th and then all around Rittenhouse Square, this giant free party attracts more than 50,000 people to one of my favorite areas of the city.  The festival includes fashion shows, live music, plenty of food (many of the area restaurants participate by setting up shop right in the street and hawking their best bites) and fun really for the whole family.

I've hit this every year from when it was a fun little party that signified the "coming soon" of summer to current times when it has become one grant spectacle of Philly fun and wouldn't miss it for the world.  For a comprehensive breakdown of events check out UWISHUNU, that page is a big time helper.


 Located in just about the middle between South Philly and Center City you can hit the 9th Street Italian Market Festival. For anyone who ever wanted to immerse themselves among us crazy Philly Italians, this is one of the major area events in one of THE most famous spots in the city.

Come hungry because food will be in over-abundance!  Don't forget that in addition to awesome Italian eats from places like DiBruno Brothers and Talluto's you can eat the area's "signature" food, the cheesesteak since both Pat's and Geno's are right in eyesight.

There you have it gang! I'm sure there is WAY more to do here in Philly this weekend, but here are some that are especially cool. Be sure to try and get that free Churchill slider at Pub and Kitchen...I'm tellin' ya, you just CAN'T go wrong with kicking off your weekend with one of those.

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