Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11/2001

I was working in the city when news of a plane "accidentally" hitting one of the World Trade Center towers broke on the radio at my desk.  Instantly, I ran into our break-room to turn on the television and, along with some co-workers, we all saw that second plane crash in real time. People around me instantly began to cry and there was confusion.  Everyone was looking for information on what was happening.

Work stopped, naturally, as everyone was glued to the TV or radio to get whatever information they could.  My job at the time functioned in a building that was about a block from the Liberty Bell and word came that the entire area had to be evacuated just in case.  After the other two planes had gone down, there was just so much uncertainty that the entire city workforce had been sent home.

Traffic was everywhere. Buses were loaded and I'm sure the subway was too.  A friend of mine at the time lived near me so we walked home.  It was a walk through many of the neighborhoods that make up South Philly to Center City and I'll just never forget that walk home. It was so silent out. People were everywhere, but no one seemed to be speaking, instead listening to radios outside with other neighbors and/or family.

When I got home, I couldn't stop watching it all. I remember saving every image that CNN placed on their website...saved local newspapers like the Metro.  Everything seemed to just come to a complete and utter halt.

I have to say, it was great when baseball decided to restart it's season on 9/17. The American public really needed it and all us east coasters especially, needed a diversion from the imagery, the misery and that feeling of utter helplessness that we all felt.

It was only fitting that here in Philly, the voice of our city spoke to us about 9/11 and baseball...and it was incredible.  See/hear for yourself:

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