Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dogfish Head drops by Westmont, NJ's Pour House

Last night my wife and I wanted to celebrate our first year of wedded bliss by going out and relaxing at one of our favorite places.  While quite a few popped into our heads, the clear winner this eve was the Pour House, about fifteen minutes away from South Philly over in Westmont, NJ.

We love the Pour House because it is truly a place that perfectly combines beer with great food in a casual atmosphere. Giving a quick check to their website (which was updated this very morning), they currently have 20 different beers on draught and the different bottles they carry seem nearly endless.  The Pour House menu consists primarily of standard bar fare like sandwiches, burgers and wings but just like they declare on their website "only better," and I couldn't agree more.

This, however isn't a food review so be sure to look for one (with delicious photo accompaniment) in the coming weeks.

On this night, as we saddled up to the bar we were greeted by one Nick Vitalo, a Dogfish Head regional representative who had set up shop right next to us.  What he was doing on this night was infusing the Dogfish Head Namaste (Witbier) and Saison du Buff  (Saison/Farmhouse Ale) with various herbs, fruits, veggies and spices...and passing them around for free tastings!

The key to the event was Dogfish's patented Randall Jr. infusion canisters, which allow for surprisingly intense, full body infusions in a relatively short amount of time; think literally 5-10 minutes.  Nick was equipped with four of these darling little devices and along with his arsenal of infusion ingredients concocted mad scientist-like mixtures ranging from basil, cucumber & mint to honey comb, cinnamon stick & maraschino cherries both using Namaste as the primary beer. 

People would pass us by commenting on how I had the best seat in the house and I just couldn't deny it.  When you're out on your wedding anniversary with the person you love the most, at one of your favorite eateries and you're flanked by an awesome craft beer rep. that keeps passing you one delicious infusion after another...yeah, it certainly is a good night.

I'd like to say a thanks to all involved, from the folks we were chatting with, to Nick from Dogfish Head and the gang that make Pour House a great place to continue visiting.  I had a great time and really appreciate the free swag.  Yeah peeps, I was the receiver of a couple Dogfish Head pint glasses and a couple key chain bottle openers. The only thing that could have capped this evening was winning the lottery.

Perhaps I'll play on wedding anniversary #2.

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